Dance Dogs Dance LP

Dance Dogs Dance is a collection of tunes spanning Dancing Cigarettes DiscographyThe Dancing Cigarettes' entire career. Most were recorded after the 1981 Gulcher EP, with the exception of the song "I Don't Like Linoleum" which was recorded before as a failed first single project and was finally mixed down in 2015 for this release. Three other songs on the LP are excellent live recordings from Space Place in Chicago, IL, that have never been made available before. All of the material on the LP [including content previously released on CD] has been remastered for improved fidelity.
    ~ Mad Monk (2015)

Side 1: "Dance Dogs Dance," "I Don't Like Linoleum," "Burn In Heaven," "Pop Doormat," "Bad Bad Boy," "Finger Pictures," "Razor Hand." Side 2: "Bells Are Ringing," "Golden Moment," "Poignant," "Drawn By You," "Little Green Thing."

Album Credits
  - Don Trubey Deconstruction -  
All songs written by The Dancing Cigarettes © 1980-83
Material collected, coordinated, and sequenced by the Mad Monk
Remastered by Paul Mahern at Mahern Audio - October 2015
Released by Magnetic South, Bloomington, IN - June 2016
Distributed by SC Distribution, Bloomington, IN

Release Party

at Landlocked Records, Bloomington, IN
Friday, June 3, 2016  •  6:30—7:30pm
Photos by Gini Patrick

Dancing Cigarettes Discography

Betsy (of current band
Thee Tsunamis) chooses a button


Emily Jackson (of 1980s band,
Sally's Dream)


Deja Doog enjoys a brew at the party
of special things to do


Sharn, thinking about her favorite song,
"Razor Hand"


Peter LoPilato (owner/publisher of
The Ryder Magazine)

Dancing Cigarettes Songs

Hien (record collector) and Paul Smedberg
(graphic designer)

John Terrill

John Terrill (of The Cigs) and Seth Mahern
(of Magnetic South)

Don Trubey

John sez, "The only sure-fire Cigs
reunion... is on my shirt"