23-July-2016 post: by G. Don Trubey:
Added new Dancing Cigarettes: Discography & Reviews page. The sound of wanton yapping: Drumph!

4-July-2016 post:
In the past month, hundreds of little fixes to assure that the website appears and functions properly on a smart phone, while retaining the DIY "In The Year 2000" look of it. (There are a few Flash videos here that won't work in iPhone browsers, like Safari, but there's one called Puffin—available free at the App Store—that will play 'em.) All links fixed, and many more added, e.g. informative links for bands, artists, and venues mentioned in the reviews and articles (for visitors who might not be familiar with old-timey bands like Pere Ubu and Pylon and artists like Pier Paolo Pasolini). 99% of all bracketed words or phrases—and 80% of boldface words—on this site are links.

9-June-2016 post:
Added new Dance Dogs Dance LP page with photos from the release party at Landlocked Records in Bloomington, IN

3-June-2016 post:
What the... Is this déjà vu? A time warp? No. It's what Uncle Roy calls the "classic" Foreign Score Corp. website. Domecq Luera dubs it "retro," but in honor of the new Dancing Cigarettes vinyl album, I like to think of it as "analog." The Dance Dogs Dance LP (released by Magnetic South) can now be found globally at numerous online retailers (including the majors, like Amazon).

28-June-2004 post:
Updated "America Under Osama" in the PORK BARREL. Now... 500% more goofy pix... many more links to "dubya's dirty tricks" and "hair on fire" websites... (As I write this, around 2:45 in the ayem, Dan Rather's breathlessly reporting on CBS that the keys to the country are being handed over to the Iraqis, two days earlier than expected. "Excuse me, Mr. Bremer, is something burning?" "Why, no, that's the stink of democracy, citizen.")

13-May-2004 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at The Cornelia Street Cafe (29 Cornelia Street, near Bleeker, in NYC's Greenwich Village) Monday, May 24 at 10pm. Cover: $10 + one drink.

7-April-2004 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at The 14 Karat Cabaret (218 W. Saratoga Street in Baltimore, MD) Friday, April 23. Also on the bill (starting at 9pm): the hyperformance group Larval Trading Company, and five-limb one-man band Gregory Blash. Cover: $6.

12-March-2004 post:
Breakin' news: Birdbrain recordings will be featured on David Garland's Spinning On Air (WNYC 93.9 FM Radio in New York City—or listen online) tonight at 10pm.

2-February-2004 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain on Dave Mandl's World of Echo (WFMU 91.1 FM Radio in NYC or listen online) Wednesday, February 11 at 8pm. Then... see 'em up close 'n personal at Pete's Candy Store (709 Lorimer Street in Brooklyn, NY) Friday, February 13 at 10pm.

14-January-2004 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain on the Joey Reynolds Show (WOR 710 AM Radio in New York City) Thursday, January 29 at 2am—that's Thursday morning if you're an early bird or very late Wednesday if you're a night owl. And dig it: the Joey Reynolds Show can be heard coast-to-coast over the WOR Radio Network.

28-September-2003 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at Sin-é (150 Attorney St. in NYC's Lower East Side) Saturday, October 18—the first of a two-night benefit for Yeti Magazine. Also on the bill (starting at 8pm): Kurt Ralske, Mad Scene, Sam Lipsyte, Peter Stampfel, Dean and Britta, Captain Sons & Daughters, Dan Melchior's Broke Revue. Cover: $10.

1-July-2003 post:
Comin' up: C-Face & The Quitters (an unstable alloy of The Saurus, NoBySCo, The Consequence Facers, and various heavy mentals) at free103point9 Gallery (97 South 6th Street—between Bedford & Berry—under the Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn, NY) Saturday, July 12 'round midnight. Also on the bill (starting at 9pm): DJ Matt Mikas, Signplant, The Code Owl, Tim Barnes & friends. Cover: $5.

29-April-2003 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at CB's Downstairs Lounge (313 Bowery St. in New York City) Sunday, May 11 at 8pm. (Bring yo' mama!) Also on the bill: Rashid Bakr Quintet at 7pm, Liquid Ensemble at 9pm, Shadowmaps w/Matt Mottel at 10pm.

4-March-2003 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at Tritone (1508 South Street in Philadelphia, PA) Friday, March 21 at 9:30pm, with Dr. Ketchup at 10:30pm. Added a dozen new pix on the Dancing Cigarettes: Photos page—four of 'em were scanned and sent in by photographer and once-upon-a-time Cigs' manager Charles Silver.

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